God and Me

Most people feel that I don’t believe in God and I wouldn’t blame them. Truth is, I have never given anyone a reason to think otherwise. I don’t consider myself as an atheist, and I have often said I am agnostic. But that isn’t entirely true either.

I don’t believe God in the conventional sense. Let me break it down further.

Most religions consider their God to be the creator of all, whether it is visible or invisible, living or lifeless, observed or perceived phenomenon. But there seems to be a contradiction with such an assumption. Is God a singular entity that does not confirm to the universe? If we were to assume that to be true, then what is the source that created God or made God, God. If such a singular entity was created why can’t it happen again? If there is such a source, then is it bound by the constraints of our universe or is it beyond it?

The easy way out would be to call it a miracle, or an inexplicable phenomenon and leave it at that.

What I feel is, the entity we call God, is not the creator of the universe, but a part of the universe. It was not created by the universe, nor when the known universe was created. It was created by the first shred of intelligence in the universe. The intelligence that created it, gave it infinite powers and made it timeless.

Let me go off the tangent over here with some wild thoughts.

Logically, it would be the first intelligent being that resulted in the entity called God, but theoretically, the idea of God might still be unborn. Maybe human race would evolve to such an extent that the human mind would be able to create an entity that transcends all of time to embed itself into all intelligence.

We follow a linear time, and it is difficult to think of time as anything other than linear. What if you were suddenly released from the linear timeline. You will be able to know what happened/ is happening/will happen anywhere at any point in time. You would be able to see what happened at exactly 9 AM on 29th June, 1764 and 8 PM on 12th December, 3058 in New York, Beijing, and London as if you were looking right at it the very moment. You can call it immortal existence, or you can call it living all moments in one moment.

And I am back from that excursion.

As I was saying, it must have been the first shred of intelligence that created God. You might wonder whether I am trying to push an idea that human beings created God. Maybe, maybe not. We may call ourselves the first intelligent life form on Earth, but the universe seems to have an intelligence of its own. Not the human intelligence, but something on a wider scale. What other explanation could you give to such a huge system that works non-stop with hardly any glitch? The universe is like a mechanical time piece with each of its smaller part contributing to a near perfect outcome. System is intelligent enough to overcome the small imperfections. Clockwork!

The Big Bang is an accepted scientific theory, and I am going follow that in trying to understand how and when God manifested.

An Explosion that was felt all over, chaos, objects of various sizes and shapes rollicking in all possible directions, hitting against one another,  and then hurling further apart. There is no order in it, and there is no powerful, intelligent or divine intervention. But over time the dust settles, there is a purpose and trajectory in the motions of the objects. There is interaction between those objects. Is there some sort of communication? Once each of the objects gets a measure of the other, they settle into a pattern. Is that intelligence or a logical conclusion? Is there any difference between those two?

Logic is when the subject understands the how variables interact with one another under different circumstances and derive a possible patterns.

Isn’t that what happened after the Big Bang? If that is what happened, then wouldn’t that be the point when God manifested itself? Isn’t what happened manifestation God itself? Isn’t God the intelligence made order out of chaos?

It took billions of years for the universe to reach a state of equilibrium. The entire human history is a fraction of that and each human life is just a firefly flying in front of a sky filled with never ending stars.

This has been sitting in my draft for over 2 months and I forgot where I was going with this. To be continued when inspiration hits me again.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.