What If; Selective Telepathic Mutation

What if…

A genetic mutation allowed humans to communicate telepathically? - wait, there is a catch.

You will have a predefined pool of 10 people with whom you can communicate. But the actual question is, would you rather marry someone with whom you are linked telepathically or someone who is telepathically linked with 10 other people, but not you?

Some might argue that two people who are attuned to each other are likely to be together, and some might argue that mystery is what would keep them together. Hypothetically, if you are so in sync with another person, it might be impossible to get a tickle response from that person.

It is possible that at first we might live with it because of how convenient it is, but would that kill what we call love?

I read a Sci-FI where a few humans had gone to a distant planet. The female of the species had evolved so that they could reproduce without mating, but it brought about a cultural crisis and the aliens had invited humans so that they could learn from us about love. I had read that book at least 15 years but I am not able to recall the name. Does anyone know which book it is?

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