Extinct! Humans

Human race is doomed. This assumption has been made based on two facts.

1. Humans marry.

  1. Humans invent.

We call this the height of human evolution.

That is the problem with it. Since we have evolved as much as we can as a, now all we can do is grow. As much as I would like to have the powers of X-Men, I am afraid that the best (or the worst) we can hope for now, is less hair. The future Humans will not fly or read each others mind; they will have less and less hair and the one with the least amount of hair will be considered the most eligible.

Marriage is major difference between man and any other species when it comes to social groups. Evolution depends on male and female choosing the best available. It is a formula that has worked since the Big Bang and we are the living proof. The choice was simple; the strongest man got his choice. I am not an expert and I am not going to delve into the qualities that men found attractive. In the end, the strongest survived and got to multiply. Now that most people got medical insurance, the focus has shifted away from strongest man and fertile woman.

There are many species that mate for life, but the contract of marriage does not guarantee monogamy. All it does it give a legal right to the assets of one’s spouse on his/her death. Unfortunately it goes much deeper than that. It gives man an almost guaranteed offspring of his own without necessarily being monogamous. The social pressure to marry gives everyone an opportunity to marry someone and have a child. The society protects the weaklings and the process is repeated.

The good news is, humans will find new heights to conquer intellectually, culturally and artistically. The bad news, nature has to get out of human life.

Invention, the intellectual ability of humans to grow beyond the limitations imposed by nature. Unfortunately, it has made evolution impossible. Evolution happens only when a species is not able to cope with its surroundings, but when man is able to increase or reduce heat, fly over mountains and communicate over distance, how can we evolve? Humans have effectively Bangalored evolution.

It is now up to the nature to nurture a new species to take the place of humans as the dominant species on Earth.

**This is not a science blog and I do not have any advanced knowledge in science, evolution or any other particular stream. Everything mentioned here is just the product of overactive imagination and excess of free time.

*Evolution does not quite follow the same path as human thought. There are the so called junk DNA, Noncoding DNA, Introns, Inactive which might prove to be useful in the future when a need arises. So we are probably safe.

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