Until No Child Is Wronged

I don’t think everyone is meant to marry. No, not everyone should not be allowed to marry!

When I look around I see so many kids who have got a bad life just because their parents didn’t know how to raise a kid. There are those who abuse kids, mentally, physically, emotionally and sometimes sexualy.

I am sure most people think that physical and sexual abuse is more frequent, but most children go through a lot of emotional and mental torture throughout their childhood. They just learn to cope with it. After all, that is what you would go through your entire life. Maybe it isn’t abuse, but the induction to real world.

If you are to grow up in a world were you will be tortured through never ending tests and trials which will emotionally and mentally drain you, what is a small dose at a younger age?

In a world were you could die a violent death, what harm could some physical pain do?

In a world were around 50% of the population would face sexual assault on a constant basis from the other half, what harm could one person do, even if it is a “loved” one?

Didn’t that escalate quickly?

It is a slippery slope; what is done reluctantly today will become norm tomorrow, and what is unthinkable today will be done reluctantly tomorrow.

It is not the criminals that needs to be corrected, but each and every one of us. The change should not happen with inconvenient truth, but the secret pleasures we indulge in too.

Treat others, irrespective of who they are, as you would want to be treated.

Until we reach there wouldn’t these kids be better off not being born?

There are good parents, which I don’t deny. I know many who are or will make a good parent and they are probably the ones who deserve to be a parent.

I would rather be part of a race that became extinct because it chose to, than belong to one that failed to correct its faults.

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