Regrets are not really regrets

Regrets, everyone has their share of it. If someone comes to me and says that he or she doesn’t have any regrets, that they have done everything right with their life, I will never trust them again. We make thousands of decisions that could alter our future, and a small percentage of those decisions have the power of changing your life.

Today I had to make a decision whether to buy shares in a particular company. Considering the fluctuating market, I knew that there would be a small percentage of profit. Buy buying that, I could have been richer by a few thousand rupees. But even after knowing how favorable the odds were, I decided not to buy. My loss, my regret; maybe not.

Whether you are rich, powerful, famous or all of the above, you would still have regrets. Surprisingly we humans have an amazing ability to forget bad memories and decisions. No wonder we keep making the same old mistakes over and over.

If we could take a sneak peek into the future and see how we do, I bet most of us would want to make some changes from now on. And if we could walk into a few of our parallel worlds, I bet most of us would be depressed by the lost opportunities. So depressed that the sneak peek you took to the future would look heavenly.

I am glad I can’t see the future or walk across parallel universes.

If you could change something in your past, then what would it be? That is a question I have asked myself countless times. Blame it on my regrets. But whenever I want to change something, I remember the friends I made because of those decisions and those decisions become milestones in my life. I am sure there would be other friends, but I don’t want to forget any of the friends I already have, even if it means I will never meet that special someone. Maybe I am a big sentimental fool.

But this world could do with a few more sentimental fools like me.

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