Eternal Life

Medicine has progressed so much that people expect to live to a very ripe age. Ripe? Make it rotten. Human beings ability to count time has made it one of the most interesting topic. People love to hear how old certain person has become and they what the average age is of a city, (older the better) so that they can go and live there. We are being a race dominated by old people.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against old people. They have seen it all, and more often than not, they are wiser because of that. But how many old people do you know who are wise, as opposed to knowledgeable? How many of those old people use it to the betterment of the society? How many of them do you see telling stories, whether it is about a ghost, World War II or their childhood romance?

Old men and women have become so common that, they have lost their importance. But the many old people who I see are lonely, lost in some old memories and sometimes sad.

Do I want to live till I am like them? As much as I would like to have a long white beard and grin with a toothless mouth, I still would not want to live to an age where all I can do is live in the past. So asking me whether I want to live forever seems rather stupid.

There is however one scenario where I would love to live forever. If I am given the powers of a Time Lord (along with the standard issue two hearts) and a TARDIS, then Yes, sign me up for eternal life!

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