Blogging 5.0; Or is it 7.0?

Another migration, this time from Blogger to WordPress. I have lost count of the number of blogs I have had over the years. I must have had around 5 or 6 blogs on Blogger alone, 2 on Rediff and a few others, God knows where.

On the plus side, I have retained my previous posts this time. Imported everything, but I still have not decided whether to stick with Self Hosted WordPress. With blogger, you knew that your blog will always be there; it had the power and money of Google behind it. But with this, I am flying solo. The moment I forget to pay for hosting, 2 years from now, my blog could be gone for ever.

Remind me to take frequent backup.

The work is not over yet. I still have to work on the logo, which right now is the default logo that came with the template. And I got two spots for advertisements which I don’t plan on using. So I need to figure out a way to use that space. The imported posts needs to be organized. I made a few posts private and it might be a good idea to go through the rest of the posts just to be sure that I don’t have anything that I’d rather keep secret.

Compared to Blogger, WordPress gives me a lot of freedom, but will it make me post more than the couple of posts I make every few months? If it does, then the change might be worthwhile.

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