Flyin’ on a wing an’ a prayer

“Flyin’ on a wing an’ a prayer”.

I have had that tag for a long time now and I have no idea from where I got it. I think I started writing blog in the latter part of 2000 and since then, a lot of posts and a lot of blogs on various websites have been deleted.

I may write sporadically and my posts might hop across the whole spectrum of topics, but in my heart I am still flying through life; so fast I don’t know where I am, crippled; but airborne with just one wing, praying for a miracle; hoping life my on earth is not just a speck of sand in the winds of time, that it means a lot more. I doubt it, but then, that is the reason why I called it a miracle.

Sometimes I scare myself. Not by the speed of my bike, but by the ideas that emerge from my thoughts. These ideas are so wild, it would be laughed at by anyone, but they are so wild, I wonder if it could be true. It is like those horror movies you see. You know there aren’t any ghosts or spirits, but you can’t prove it, and somewhere in your mind you wonder…

Sometimes I depress myself, with thoughts that go on and on, leaving me with more questions than I started with.

That is why I am, “Flyin’ on a wing an’ a prayer”.

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