Interpretation of dreams

My grandfather passed away last month. But then, he was 95, and if not for the fact he was a bit hard of hearing and his eye sight was failing, then he had lived a remarkably healthy life. At 25, I don’t think I am having such a healthy life.

I got news about his death after I came back from work and started for home the same day. I was traveling by rail, and I started catching up on my sleep as soon as I got on.

I had one of the strangest, if not the strangest dream that day. As with almost every dream, I don’t have a good recollection of the dream. I do remember that I was at a place, which seemed familiar to me in the dream. And I was introduced to a spirit. At that point I thought I made acquaintance with a spirit, but later when I woke up, I realized that the spirit had a remarkable resemblance to my grandfather. Maybe what he looked like in his 50s or 60s. There were some strange creatures or demons, I’m not sure which, and the spirit helped me get rid of them.

But the strangest part was not that. It was when I realized that the spirit might be my grandfather. Somewhere during the dream, the spirit decided he wanted to visit his new home, and went to see the grave. He looked at the grave and was asking himself where the others had gone, and I saw a woman and a younger man, maybe a child, hiding behind a tombstone. When my grandfather left, they came out of their hiding place with their own tombstone. And suddenly a light shone down on the woman, and I saw my supposedly grandfather’s spirit rising up, light pouring out to the woman, his face filled with rage. I saw the woman cower down, scared of the spirit in front of her.

Was that my grandmother? She passed away almost two years back. The dream made me realize that I’ve never seen my grandparents behave as a loving couple. They were either cordial or fighting. They married young, in their early teens. Was there no love in their marriage? I was attached to my grandmother, was it my childhood fear I felt for her that was manifested in my dreams?

On a side note, I do not believe in spirits or life after death.

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