Our Lives, Controlled From Some Guy's Couch

JOHN TIERNEY of the writes how Our Lives might be controlled from some guy’s couch

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Let me quote René Descartes, “I think, therefore I am”. It can be argued that the ‘thought’ is planted in our mind, and so, just because I think does not mean I exist. Some might even say that I exist, but in a VR program.

If I am indeed a part of a VR program, then am I writing this because someone else is making me write it?

I don’t think so. Because, I am writing it instead of the guy next to me. Either the VR program has to select me as a person who will write something, or has to choose me at random. If I was chosen at random, then I am getting chosen a lot of times. If I was supposed to write, then I don’t write often enough.

Let me quote René Descartes again, “I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am”.

I am sure most people have played chess with a computer. There are programs which show the computations of the moves it is considering in real time, but once it has computed it, there is no doubt. A program cannot doubt. It chooses an option, the best one according to its calculations and then moves on. But a human being, me, doubts every move. There is always a small percentage of doubt. It might be better to say, there is a lack of 100% certainty. If I am a VR program, I wouldn’t consider a Matrix like situation.

If you think you are living in virtual reality, then everything you have known is wrong. 1+1 might not be 2, Earth might be flat, robots might have evolved and life invented and so on and so forth.

Even if you are a virtual reality program, you still exist; the only question is where. But I still refuse to believe it, because there are too much that I do not know, and if I was part of a machine then I would have known more; if I was part of a computer program then I would have been able to organize my thoughts better, remember things better and understand everything better.

So the fact that I doubt, the fact that I am imperfect to a great extent makes me human.

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