Logic – An Experiment of evolution

I read somewhere that even if 2% of over 80,000 parts in a Formula 1 car was not working properly, the car will not start. But the human brain can function even if 99% of the body was not working.

No two human beings think alike. I guess we should be glad about that. Thankfully, even if we do not think alike, we are still able to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion, more often than not.

There are however instances where some people or a group will reach a completely different conclusion which defies logic. Everyone has a tendency to do that to a certain degree. Call it instinct, conviction or what ever you like, but there is a limit where it ceases to be brilliant and becomes insane. There are also people who will listen to all logical arguments and yet come up with an illogical conclusion. There really is a short-circuit in every human being’s brain. Yes, you, me and everyone around us has a short circuited brain.

If we were not short circuited, we would be like Dalek from Doctor Who. The brain of Dalek’s are wired like a computer. All of them will come to the same conclusion provided all of them have the same facts. I guess, it is a good thing we are not like that.

It I strange that nature would design such a flaw in the creature which is supposed to be the most superior of all. Human beings are definitely not the epitome of nature’s creation, but the process of evolution that nature seems to be experimenting with has invested very heavily in humans, and I do not believe such a flaw is accidental. In fact, the way each human brain work, appears to be similar with the rest of natures experiment. It has created a wide variety of species to see how they will evolve. Similarly, it is experimenting with human thought process to see which thought process will provide the best result.

Logic has set humans apart from the rest of animals, but there is also the instinct which has not been weeded out of human beings. I guess nature tried instinct and probably found that it was not yielding the right result.

Probably after a few million years, nature might succeed in separating instinct and logic and probably mankind will be able to function in a more organized manner.

But at the same time, I bet nature is experimenting with other thought process, like collective intelligence. The ability of certain creatures to communicate over vast distance with practically no means of communication seems to indicate that. But I guess those experiments are in its nascent stage for us to comment on what it is or what the outcome will be.

If my “logic” is correct, then logic might prevent us from evolving there by stalemating nature in its experiment. Do I have short-circuit?

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.