Lookout, the future is changing

I am becoming inactive again, not because I did not want to write or not because I had nothing to write. In fact during the past month there were quite a few things that impressed me that I wanted to write so much about it. Unfortunately, the past month was one of the most interesting as well as one of the busiest month I have had in a long time.

One of the most important events in my life last month was the realization that we are at a crossroad that is going to determine our long-term future, in a big way. I am sure each of our action determines what is going to happen in the future, but some events make much more difference than the others do.

In India, the Prime Minister is trying to persuade the Communist Party to support him in the nuclear deal with the United States. This deal will decide how we live, burning fossil fuel, waiting for rain or on ecologically safe and regular nuclear power. There would be many who would argue that Nuclear power is not safe, but that was a long time back. Being a nation of more than a billion people, the power required is very huge, and unless someone finds a way to convert power economically from the Sun, Sea and Earth, we really need to go nuclear. Take a look at what MIT students are doing to “harness sunlight on the cheap.” The argument against it is that the United States is offering the technology just to keep a check on China which cannot be ruled out, but the environmental impact by itself is a good reason to provide the support. The fact is the communist party has a knee jerk aversion to anything related to United States. The BJP on the other hand would consider this a big blow, as they did not make the deal. The fact that this government is reversing the relationship from a low created by the Nuclear Test conducted by the BJP government could only be salt in the wound. Looks as if the Prime Minister is the only one thinking of the future while the others are playing party politics. Good luck India.

Do let me know if you disagree.

While politicians in India are trying to make us live just as we did for the past 50 years, out there in the United States the people are deciding whether they need to change their policies of the past 50 years. The United States have been fighting war for every Tom, Dick and Harry and frankly, it is getting on everyone’s’ nerve and even on their own. Earlier they made history when they made Obama the Democratic Candidate over Hilary Clinton. As many others, I would like to see a woman taking office as the President of United States, but clearly Clinton was not the right person. Obama is however the best person for the job. He wants a new direction, far away from War. While the color of his skin should not be a matter of debate, humans being what they are have made it the most important point. On the other hand, McCain is practically old. At this point, what people all over the world require is not an old man set in his ways trying to fight demons of his wars. What we all need is fresh and innovative ideas.

I am not trying to belittle old people. They are wise and deserve respect, but they also need to realize that their place is not in front, but at the side, as advisers. How can they expect the future generation to prosper if they deny the current generation to attain the experience to guide?

Water on Mars, melting in North Pole, faster super computer, death of XP, retirement of Bill Gates, death of High Definition (HD) while Blue Ray wins the battle, the list goes on and on, longer than any other year.

We celebrated the New Millennium in 2000 and 2001, but the new century began just now. This year might become the most important year of this century or maybe not. But, this is the one year that could make a lot of difference to the future, and that decision is in each one of our hands.

What would you do? Let me know.

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